Posted by: MiniMonets | November 9, 2015

Aurora Borealis and Geoff Slater

So I started writing this post and then it was never published! Before we created our Notans, we watched video of the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights. Looking at pictures in the book we read were beautiful but just didn’t seem to catch the movement of the lights. I’m sure the videos pale in comparison to the real thing. And I love when I make a project where I get to learn new things. I had no idea there are Auroras on other planets!!

We started with chalk pastel on black construction paper. The most common lights are green but they can range to any color so the artists had free choice on their color. During the next class, we looked at the amazing line art of Geoff Slater ( His paintings are a maze of one line that is constantly moving but never touching or crossing itself. It changes thickness and color at the same time, too. We used white tempera to paint shapes and lines into our sky to complete our Auroras.

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