Does your artistic child have a birthday coming up? Why not celebrate with an art project created especially with your child in mind! Art projects range from canvas paintings, collage, or clay sculptures and are designed with the help of your child. Mini Monets will come to your party, bring all the supplies and materials, and the party guests get to keep what they make! Projects are enjoyed by children 2 – 12 years old at $14 per child. Please contact Jennie Wenk at or (910) 399 – 1708 for more details. I look forward to seeing you on your birthday!

Mini Monets is not limited to children’s birthdays. Any age will enjoy an Art Party! I’m calling my newest venture, Mommy Monets! Get the girls together (you don’t have to be moms to join in the fun, or girls for that matter!) and lets creating a painting. Any type of painting, from realistic, to imaginary, to abstract. Need me to draw it for you? Sure. Want to create one that has your own personality? Even better! The more merrier as we get together, relax, and make an amazing painting that everyone will enjoy.


  1. I am interested in a birthday party on June 26th for several little girls. My daughter is going to be 5 and loves art projects. I would love to hear from you. My cell number is 520-7020. Thank you.
    Kirsten Del Savio

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