What Parents & Teachers are Saying…

“Your art program is unlike any art that we do with the students in our preschool.”

“I want to thank you for all you teach the kids in art. She is so excited every Wednesday to tell us about what she did in art that day at Gateway! I hope she is doing a good job for you, b/c we are very happy with what we hear from her! We look forward to watching her progress with you!  She seems to really have fun which is very important to us!”

“He takes his time on everything.  He LOVES your class.  It makes us so happy because before he hated to do art…he would get frustrated and say how he was terrible.  Now he tells us that he’s so good that he has to help others in his class.”

“Thank you for all of the wonderful instruction you have provided for her! She has really enjoyed your class!”

“He really loves your classes. I can’t wait to see his self portrait, his paintings make me smile.”

“I wanted you to know how much she enjoyed art class this year.  She was always so excited about Mondays because of art.  You have a wonderful program.”

“Thank you again for all you did to help get his creative juices flowing!!!”

“Thank you so much for encouraging the creativeness in our daughter. She loved your classes and looked forward to them every Tuesday. We are working at home on framing several pieces she has done this year.”

“She so enjoyed your class and looked forward to it every week. It was by far her favorite extra that she ever participated in at CLC.”

“Taking this class has really enhanced what my daughter has been learning at this school. Thank you!”

“The class has really been good for him. He really likes coming too as it has given him a little sense of “independence” to come to the class without me being there with him”

“We really enjoy seeing her work!  She gets so excited to show us what she created and tells us all about it. Her masterpieces cover our fridge, walls, and doors at home. 🙂 She just loves it!”

“My daughter loves your class! I love how you display/label her art.”

“I love that you incorporate all different artists into your lessons.”

“Thank you so much for encouraging my daughter’s artistic side. It has been so much fun seeing each finished project. She has learned a lot and had a great time doing it. You are great at what you do.”

“I can see the improvement with his class work. Where he used to not complete his work, now he finishes his work with less coercion from me.”

“He had such a great time last year and we have even framed some of his art and have it displayed in our home. We think it is a wonderful experience for him. Thanks for all you do!”

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