The Mini Monets year is divided into 3 sessions. There is one class per week that lasts 30 – 45 minutes.

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Session 1: Drawing and Painting

October through November

Projects will emphasize use of various types of lines – length, weight, and curves – and how using lines together make geometric and free form shapes. Exercises focus on the child’s inner thoughts, emotions, and imaginations as they create these projects.

Session 2: Painting and Clay

January through March

Lessons will concentrate on the color wheel to teach the students about the different types of color and color relationships. Projects will consist of primary, secondary, and other color groups. The students will have inspiration from the world around them in these compositions.

Session 3: Clay and Sculpture

April through May

Calling all artists ready to get their hands dirty with clay! All projects will be hand made in different types of clay, wire, paper mache, weaving, and recyclable sculpting materials to create three dimensional art. This session is a great opportunity to work on strengthening fine motor skills. Creations will be a blend of art, literature, math, and science.*

Illustration Courses

September through May

Projects will range from the imaginative to real life while learning effective strategies for visual communication. During this class, older artists will explore common illustrative components such as observation, perspective, light and shadow, and composition. The aim of this course is to understand how drawing can lead to strong and effective illustration. Artists will be introduced to the professional process of creating thumbnail sketches, roughs, and finished sketches.

We welcome artists to join in at anytime during the year.

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  1. What is the cost of the classes? I have 3 year old twins.

  2. Do you have camps for year round schools that will be on break Sept/October?

  3. Can you tell me if the 2012 schedules are out? I have a niece that I think has some artistic ability and have been looking for somewhere to send her to enhance her ability. She goes to a year round school. I am interested in something for her 5 week summer break. She is in Wilmington area so what would be the best place to go to get all the basics and go up from there? Please also send me the prices of the summer sessions for 5 weeks. I am not sure of the dates yet. It is usually in June to August sometime.
    Angela Huskey

  4. Hello. We are new to the area and living in Kings Grant. My daughter is in 4th grade at Eaton Elem. Do you have any programs in the area that we can get her involved in? Thank you!

    • Hi Bethany! Yes! The program offered in my home is in the Kings Grant neighborhood. My summer programs are currently wrapping up and I take August to regroup supplies and curriculum before starting back the Monday after Labor Day. The schedule may change a bit. I’ll be offering classes tentatively Mondays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays in my home. I hope to have everything finalized by mid August. Please email me your email to and I can send you the final schedule. Thanks for your interest in Mini Monets and welcome to Wilmington!

  5. I have a 6 year old girl who LOVES art. Is there any room in a class for her? Thank you!!

    • Hello Kristi! I’d love to talk with you more about Mini Monets Visual Art Program. Please email me at and I’ll let you know what classes have availability 😊👩‍🎨

  6. Hello!

    Is there art classes for after school for my almost 8 year old?

    Hi! Yes, I will be emailing you this week about it!


  7. Hi,
    , I have a 4 year old who loves arts and painting etc. what type classes do you offer? He is in school from 9-1 everyday. Thanks!

    • Hi Mollie! I’d love to talk with you about available after school classes starting in January. It’s best to email me at I look forward to hearing from you!! -Jennie

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