Mini Monets is an extracurricular art class with the goal of Creating Innovative Thinkers through Visual Arts. This program is designed for ages 3 and up  and is provided on location among area schools, child care centers, and recreation facilities around the Wilmington, NC area.

When given a chance to create works of art in Mini Monets, children grow in a way that is unlike anything else. There is cognitive growth, improvement in fine motor skills, and enhancements in critical thinking.

As education in schools direct focus towards science, math, and technology, art can aid in the teaching, learning, and understanding new concepts within these classes. Mini Monets is a program that blends the gap between academics and visual learning. Not only does the Mini Monets program teach students about art movements and famous artists, but the curriculum is designed to incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and PBL (Project Based Learning) into the various projects throughout the year.

The Visual Arts continue to be a vital form of communication in a world where gaps of distance and language are continually shrinking. Art is also that chance to escape. Art gives someone the freedom to create their own reality, putting their thoughts, emotions, and feelings into a work of art that is uniquely their own. Mini Monets is also a great program for children with special needs. The curriculum is adaptable for a wide range of students as an alternative way of self expression, creation, and understanding.

New Students can join classes at anytime! To sign up or get more information, contact Jennie Wenk at minimonets@gmail.com or (910) 399 – 1708.

Check out Mini Monets on Facebook,Instagram, and Twitter @minimonetsart for extra thoughts and photos!

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  1. What a wonderful website. I know you will be successful. There is proof that by teaching the arts you nurture the whole being.

  2. Wow what a wonderful website. How inventive that you will go to parents homes!!!! This will be incredibly successful – I wish we had something like this in NY! You should franchise!

  3. This website is fantastic. Best of luck to you and Mini Monets!

  4. I hope Children’s Schoolhouse becomes a venue for Mini Monets!

  5. please update me on your programming needs

  6. I am looking for an afterschool program for my 6 year old daughter that PICKS UP or GOES TO Eaton Elementary – sure, stay at home mommies get to take their kids to 30 minute classes downtown, but working mommies get off at 6 pm (if they’re licky) and barely have time to get them in the bath! My daughter is extremely creative and would love an afterschool art program!

  7. I am interested in the fine arts summer camp for my 5 year old son. Please let me know of costs and how I can register. Thanks!

  8. I quite like reading a post that will make people think. Also, thank you for permitting me to comment!

    • I’m glad that you are enjoying my posts. I try to create all my projects so that the children have to look inside themselves to create their work. There is definitely a benefit for step by step projects but free flowing creations are just as, if not more, beneficial to the development of an artist.

  9. Please let me know if you need any more staff for this summer? CRB checked and Childcare Practitioner too, plus BA, Fine Art, and mixed media artist. Wlould love to help……….

    • Hello Sue. Thank you for your interest in working with Mini Monets. Are there any times this summer you would be free to meet up? I’m good for the summer but I may could use help with my fall classes. Please email me at minimonets@gmail.com. Jennie

  10. Hi. I was wondering if you have a class for my 11 year old daughter on Thursdays (every other), after school. I could take her to you wherever you are, if you’re available on this day. She use to take an extracurricular art class and loved it, but the teacher moved. She is very creative and wants to pursue art as a profession oneday…so she wants as much exposure as possible until then. I’ve heard good things about you and wanted to reach out. If you can e-mail or call me whenever it’s convenient, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you, alicia z.

  11. Hey I am interested in a canvas painting party for adults at my house. Could you email me the details?

  12. This is wonderful. Do you offer drop in classes?

    • Hello! Currently I am offering drop in classes at Teddy Bear Child Care on Friday mornings at 9:30. All other classes are enrolled monthly. I’d love to talk with you more about the program. Please email me at minimonets@gmail.com

  13. I love this. Do you offer drop in classes?

  14. Can i get more info on after care? Im looking for my 9 yr old twins to b picked up frm sunset park 2x a wk. Also, during intercession 2 full days/ wk. My son is autistic, my daughter in AIG. They r both very creative & artistic. Can i get some pricing & opportunity. Thx!!!!

  15. We are interested in a camp for our six-year-old little girl this summer. I had a few questions for you .

    Where are you located? We live in Hampstead.

    Do you have a summer camp planned? If so what are the hours and days? How much does it cost?

    Thank you;)

    • Hello Shannon! Thank you for your interest in Mini Monets. The camp that I offer closest to you is the one in my home, off North College. I will be offering two different camps this summer there. The first is the week of June 19, the Fine Artists Camp. We will be working in two and three dimensions and will meet each day from 9:30-11:30 am. Tuition is $145 and includes all supplies, materials, displays, and snacks. The second camp will be Clay and Sculpture and will be the week of June 26. All projects will be made in three dimensions using different types of clay, wire, paper, and paper mache. Tuition for this camp is $160 and includes all supplies, materials, displays, and snacks for the week. I’m happy to talk with you more about these camps and you can reach me on my cell, 843-696-4611. Have a great week and thanks again for your interest in Mini Monets!!

  16. I am currently teaching 2nd grade and love the arts in general! Looking to retire in 3 more years- planning ahead I guess you could say! Is there anyway your program could be implemented in Charlotte? This is something I have always wanted to do upon retirement. Thank you!

  17. i have 7 years son who love to draw. he is autistic kid. i find place he learns and enjoy drawing. now he learns from Art4kids in youtube. can he join your class?

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