Posted by: MiniMonets | July 8, 2016

Fine Arts Camp Session 1

Last week was the first week of Mini Monets Art Camp. We started the week creation our own Indian Mandalas using watercolors and watercolor pencils. We created Pangolins in model magic. Pangolins are mammals living in India that eat ants, walk on their hind legs, and are covered in scales. Our next project took us into outs pace as we made our own racket ships. We painted the ships using George Seurat pointillism and added folded,bent, or curled paper to make the rocket fire blast off the paper. We continued sculpting using muddy clay to create Crest Totem Poles similar to the ones found in Sitka National Forest before creating Saguaro cactuses in paper mâché. Our final mixed media work was inspired by the wild flower paintings of Linda Calvert Jacobson. We used oil pastels and bleeding tissue papers for our paintings. At the end of the week, all work is displayed in our Art Show. My next camp, Clay and Sculpture, runs the week of July 18, 9:30-11:30 or 1-3.  Limited seats available, email to register! 


  1. Darn. I didn’t know about this one! Let’s get Ashlyn back on track to start in the fall if we could. Are you still doing a class in your home?

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