Posted by: MiniMonets | January 17, 2016

We’re Back! A bit of Geography mixed with Engineering.

New Year, New Creations! We jumped back in full swing with taking a trip around the world to visit 5 different geographic regions. We started on our coast at Wrightsville Beach, then traveled to South America and explored the Amazon Jungle. Next, we sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to Africa where we hopped on the backs of camels and traveled across the Sahara desert. Then, it was on to Asia and climbing the Himalayas and Mount Everest. We finished by sailing south in the Indian Ocean and landing in the cold deserts of the South Pole. After discussing similarities and differences, the artists had to illustrate 2 areas on their papers. They were given watercolors to add color. The next class, our artists put on their engineering hats and learned about 4 different types of bridges; Beam, Truss, Arch, and Suspension. They were given construction paper to create a bridge to join their two different geographic areas. The bridges could be flat on their paper or raised for a bit of 3 dimension. Enjoy!

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