Posted by: MiniMonets | July 2, 2013

Presidential Portraits

In celebration of the 4th of July and the founding of our country, the students at the Children’s Learning Center II created their own Presidential Portrait. First I showed the students the official portrait of our current president, Barack Obama. We talked about how his portrait is a photograph taken by a photographer. Next I showed our first president George Washington’s portrait. His portrait is a painting created by an artist. These portraits were painted to be as close to real life as possible and my students were to create their own portraits the same way. They drew their portraits first in pencil before mixing yellow, white, and a dash of red to create a realistic skin tone. They were then given the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) plus black and brown to finish their portraits. I had a few moments to snap a few pictures of the artists hard at work yet I wish I had a moment during clean up to snap some finished portraits.


Happy 4th of July!


IMG_1288 IMG_1289 IMG_1290 IMG_1291 IMG_1292 IMG_1293 IMG_1294 IMG_1295 IMG_1296 IMG_1297 IMG_1298 IMG_1299 IMG_1300 IMG_1301 IMG_1302

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