Posted by: MiniMonets | May 1, 2011


We are about half way through our Adventures in 3 Dimensions session. We have completed pinch pots and are finishing coil pots. Pinch pots, bowls or cups (depending on the students preference) is one the easiest ways to introduce students to the molding aspects of clay. The push, pull, and pinch techniques used to create these pots teaches students how the clay reacts and changes form through simple actions. Coil pots teach students how to roll coils, a slender, worm like shape, that are used to build the pot. Unlike pinch pots which are pinched and pulled to create their shape, coil pots are built by adding coil upon coil until the desired height and shape are reached. We will be learning how to score our coils, add a little water, and then blend the coils together to create the walls of pot.

Pinch Pot Photos:

More pics coming soon!


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